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  Through the CATS programme, Apache Aviation owns and operates a fleet of 16 airframes consisting of the following aircraft :
- Three Hawker Hunters (2 single seat / 1 two seat)
- Ten Aero L39 Albatross
- One Fairchild Merlin 300
- One Beech Baron BE58
With this diversity & number of assets Apache Aviation can provide support from basic to the most complex of training scenarios involving single or multiple targets, including missile threat simulation.
This wide range of aircraft types enables the most suitable aircraft to be chosen to obtain the desired mission objective at the right cost.
Hawker Hunter L39 Albatros Fairchild Merlin 300 Beech Baron BE58
Special Mission Aircraft
  Hawker Hunter : Three aircraft currently available
Hawker Hunter Hawker Hunter de face
  • Single seat fighter (2 aircraft) or two seat fighter (1 aircraft)
• Capacity :
- Service ceiling : 42 000 ft
Max speed 620 knots / M 0.97
G limits +7;5g -3.75g
Max operating weight 25000 pounds.
• Our Hunters are IFR-certified and have been upgraded with various cockpit modifications, including dual Global Positioning Systems and an Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator. This provides the pilot with tremendous situational awareness about his position and all aircraft, ships and targets within the operating area thanks to electronic moving maps and the ability to employ bullseye procedures.
With at least 1 UHF and 2 VHF radios, as well as a TACAN, the Hunters smoothly blend into any military operation. Furthermore, they can operate with Radar Warning Receivers, chaff/flare dispensers and are capable of carrying the latest Electronic Warfare and ACMI pods as well as live-fire target towing reels.
Target towing, simulated attack, interception and other mission profiles allow for flights of 2 to 3 hours, depending on the requirements.
Hawker Hunter TMK68 Bi-place Hawker Hunter
Hawker Hunter TMK68 Bi-place